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Quick, Bonus Dumbside



There are actually a lot more…..but I have shit to do, so here’s one until I can do the latest (and most assuredly not greatest):

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I love their tendency to skew statistics. *sighs* Not everyone uses facebook. Not everyone is online… and most people ship more than one ship. 

I don’t ship either Rumbelle or Outlaw Queen both of them earning the cake of do not want this past season but many of my shipmates do. :-)

Hi, I would also like to mention that Rumbelle does NOT have a big conflicting ship to compete for fans with like CS does with SQ. Even though it’s fanon, it still has a lot of fans. It has nothing to do with CS somehow being inferior. Rumbelle doesn’t get in the way of any Emma ship, so many different ship fanbases are okay with shipping it, including many SQ, CS, and ST fans.





Almost the magic of threes again:( The gif in the bottom was seen in one promo, but never (thus far) on the show…

Maybe Sookie says that in one of the next episodes and they included it in that scene to mislead us

Maybe but she has the red T shirt on that she wore in Eps 3.

Another scene we saw on previews was one where Alcide is having a loud angry confrontation with Sookie and he shouts at her”I loved you” . We never saw that either. There were others too. For some reason they put clips into the 7th season overall preview that were never used in the final cuts. Perhaps to mislead us. The one with Alcide makes it look like he fought with Sookie, they broke up and he left BT. The one where Spokie says, ” Eric’s gone” implies that he’s dead. Or it could be something else entirely like lazy careless overseer ship.

That No spoiler person said that they filmed a LOT that never made it into the show. I think it was to give them options, and to confuse people. It’s a great way to avoid spoilers. 

I did get an odd little spoiler from IMDB today. One frustrated Eric/Sookie shipper posted that she confronted Buckner at Comic Con and complained about sending Sookie back to her abuser, Bill. She was not polite.

What I found interesting is his response: he told her to keep watching. IDK if that means, keep watching because we want all the fans we can get, or keep watching because it’s not what it seems. I’m inclined to think the latter. That’s the only way to make the two sets of spoilers make sense.

Bill and Sookie do reunite and he becomes human, but then something else happens. Something that will cheer her up (like Bill dying at last). That makes the cake and Moyer finishing early make sense, too. It also fits with Bill killing the lawyer and guard even after he’s supposedly “redeemed.”

It just seems like the show can’t end with Bill and Sookie heading off into the sunset—that’s too simplistic and not bittersweet enough. The show’s aesthetic has never been about uncomplicated happy endings. If Terry and Arlene and Jesus and Lafayette ended tragically, then it’s hard to see how Bill and Sookie getting a white picket fences ending fits. Particularly not with their difficult history. 

Thanks for the info. That poster said what we’ve all been thinking, good for her. This is very interesting to hear. I just hope they don’t try and paint Bill’s death as “heroic” if he does die. I was thinking last night that as much as I hate the becoming human idea (because it perpetuates the idea that you have to be “normal” to be happy & it removes needed character development from Sookie), it WILL break the hold Bill’s blood has over Sookie. Now how they choose to portray the consequences is (unfortunately) up to them. And not only that, it will remove the guilt that Sookie is currently feeling over “causing” Bill’s death. So I guess it’s just wait and see. (This would also match up with that B/S fan that said he knew the ending and wasn’t happy with it, right? So that’s two pieces of info tentatively in our favor. The one small shred of hope I had left (very, very small) was that things seemed to point TOO clearly in the B/S direction for it to happen in the end.)

[on Elsa and Rumplestiltskin’s relationship]
"Obviously he knows her, she knows him, something’s happened. Why else would she be in his vault?"